Friday, September 25, 2009

The "Other Woman"

William asked me today about the wig. We were talking about introducing the next level into our marriage and he mentioned the wig. Wow, the wig...

My initial thoughts...
It's only been one week since I discovered that my husband is having an "affair" with another "woman." The worst part: he finds the other woman more sexually appealling than me. How on earth do I happily welcome her into my bed??? Is she separate from William? or are they the same person? How many of us are going to be in the bed - two or three? If just two, which two? And if three, who is he going to be more into? How can I be jealous of my own husband???

The clothes are one thing - I can wrap my brain around them as something kinky. The wig, though... And make-up? At what point does William become someone else and I find a stranger in my bed?

Was this autogynephalia because I didn't know and he did it himself, but now that I do, does this just become a cross-dressing fetish? Is there a real difference? Does the difference matter?


  1. Susanne. I'm fifty years old and after reading and studying sex and gender for about forty of those years, I had been thinking that I pretty much had myself all figured out, and that at best placed me in a gray area between heterosexual transvestite and transsexual. Only recently did I start reading about autogynephilia and now I'm just as confused as I was at ten years old. So, you are doing remarkably great, you are in front of me on this learning curve, you are a magnificent gem of a woman and wife, I'm going to start following your 'issue' because it appears that might be of great help to Me (Go figure, huh?). If I had ever met a woman like you, I might have even gotten married.

  2. Thank you. I believe that when we are gone from this world, our most important legacy is the effect that we have had on other people. It does my heart good to be part of a positive thing for you!